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Jean Yves Cousseau is a French artist who lives and works in the Paris region. After studying at the École des beaux-arts in Nantes, he devoted most of his artistic activity to photography, while exploring other fields such as video and installations in the course of his exhibitions.

Cousseau’s artistic approach manifests itself as much in the choice of photographic subjects, representation and immediacy as in the modification of the photographic works themselves. By exposing his prints to prolonged periods in water and to the elements, he allows them to evolve from one state to another, altered by organic deposits or chemical phenomena such as oxidation or erosion of the sensitive layer. This approach reveals the passage of time, leaving its mark and giving the work a new memory.

By exposing his works to the natural elements and subjecting them to processes of decay, Jean Yves Cousseau highlights the temporality and ephemerality of reality. Each work thus becomes a kind of palimpsest, bearing the traces of time and interactions with the environment.

Cousseau often creates assemblages of photographs, forming polyptychs or small or monumental installations. He incorporates elements such as old mirrors, broken glass and various materials, which guide the viewer’s gaze towards a more sensitive and penetrating approach to the work.

The artist is also the author of several works and artists’ books in collaboration with writers. He has been exhibiting in France and abroad for over 30 years, and has produced scenography and graphic design for numerous museum catalogues.

Exhibitions at the gallery




Quoi qu’il en soit, Exhibition catalogue, 2023