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Nebojša Bežanić graduated from the Academy of Decorative Arts in Belgrade in 1986. He currently lives and works in Clichy, near Paris. He has exhibited in Barcelona, Brussels, Čačak, Luxembourg and Paris. He has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions in France and abroad.

He was twice awarded the Dragan Ćirković prize, at the exhibition of the Society of Artists “Risim” in Čačak, in 1985 and 1989. His works can be found in numerous private collections, including that of the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, a private artistic patronage initiative, and that of Edric Van Vredenburgh. The artist is also part of the permanent collection of the Musée de l’Érotisme in Paris. In 2013, Nebojša Bežanić was awarded the Claire Combes Prize by the Taylor Foundation. Nebojša also carries out major commissions for major collectors, as well as patronage work.

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Satirix n°30 : Appelons cela un Nebojša Bežanić, 2022