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Serguei, a cartoonist and columnist with the daily Le Monde since 1982, was born in Buenos Aires in 1956. The only child of a family of musicians and painters from the Russian steppes and the Baltic coasts, he played the piano from an early age and excelled in various musical genres, including jazz, rock, tango and Argentine folk tunes. As well as music, Serguei also had a talent for drawing. At the age of seventeen, he won a national prize for his first book of drawings entitled “Serguei O no Serguei”, which brought him recognition from leading Argentine cartoonists. From then on, he worked with several newspapers, television and the theatre.

At the age of twenty, Serguei left Argentina for Europe to escape the military dictatorship. Settling in Paris, he was soon able to make a living from his drawings, working with a host of prestigious publications including Le Monde, L’Express, The New York Times, L’Echo des Savanes and Marie-Claire. In 2000, the city of Nice asked him to design and draw the models for the carnival floats, featuring themes close to his heart such as human rights, the environment and political allegory.

Alongside his work as a designer, Serguei also devotes himself to music. He composed songs on his Pleyel and recorded several albums, including Falistanie in 1997 and Révolution Tanguera in 2005. He also produced a comic opera entitled L’Homme nu (The Naked Man) in 2008, which set to music the comic strip published daily in Le Monde during the summer of 2007.

Over the years, Serguei has not limited himself to his talents as a cartoonist and musician. In 2018, he published his first novel, La Poubelle des merveilles. In 2020, he released a new musical album entitled L’Archipel des cœurs brisés, mixing French and Spanish with compositions for vocals, piano and cello. The artist’s creative output includes a wide range of music albums, drawings, comic strips, novels and cartoons.

In addition to his past achievements, Serguei continues to work on new projects, including his latest online video entitled “La terre se meurt de nous”.

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Le tango du dessinateur, 2020