Ernest Dükü

Born in Bouake in 1958, from Abidjan to Paris, Ernest Dükü continuously draws inspired by African traditional history and symbolism in a strong spirit of ecumenism. 
His works draw on the calling of Africa and a spirit of open-mindedness. Through his plastic and esthetic research as well as the codes and messages he leaves to decipher in his works, Ernest Dükü offers a new perspective on the world between sculpture and painting. His art opens up new pathways toward looking at the complexity of the world.  
The work of Ernest Dükü also has a sociopolitical dimension. For those who carefully observe, it takes part in a very contemporary debate around religious syncretism in order to transcend it. His art aims at going beyond religious quarrels and plays the game of life where each of us is deemed to question the untold part of our memories.
●rbis pictus
The world in pictures.
The world in motion.
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75003 Paris, France
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