Kimiko Yoshida

Born in Tokyo in 1963, Kimiko Yoshida has been playing with masks throughout art history in Paris, Tokyo, and Venice. 
She once declared: “I am interested in everything that isn’t me. Being where I don’t think I am and vanishing where I think I am, here is the important thing.” In other words, she does not believe that origins, individual or group identity are destiny. We should escape gender stereotypes and hereditary determinism, and reject voluntary servitude. 
Kimiko Yoshida plays with the multiple meanings of an art rooted in fusion and hybridization, melting pot and diversity, at the crossroad of Japan and Europe, Africa and the East, masculine and feminine, past and present, minimalism and baroque, photography and painting, self-portrait and multiplicity, identity and identification, art and ritual, space and time, being and lack of being. 
●rbis pictus
The world in pictures.
The world in motion.
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