Freedom of the Line

Jesse A. Fernández
Agustín Cárdenas
Solano Cárdenas
Joaquín Ferrer
Luis Israel González Sosa
février 12 2021
juin 12 2021
Culture is down but unyielding.
Despite health restrictions, the lack of friendly openings, and all sorts of other constaints, Galerie Orbis Pictus sticks to its exhibition programme with optimism ad is happy to open an exhibition on the theme of freedom, the freedom of line. 

Through the works of five Cuban artists of different generations, Agustín Cárdenas (1927 - 2001), Solano Cárdenas (1964 -), Jesse A. Fernández (1925 - 1986), Joaquín Ferrer (1929 -), Luis Israel González Sosa (1971 - ), we invite you to discover and enjoy calligraphic, aerialcurvy, infinite and suspended lines.

A subjective exercise performed with the complicity of writer Zoé Valdés, who wrote the catalogue foreword. The exhibition will gather a selection of works from a wide range of techniques: bronze, collage, drawing, ink, charcoal, gouache, engraving, washing, marble, painting, sculpture, the private rituals of a totally free and self-ruling creation.

These personal and converging points of view echo the gallery’s ambition to abolish the boundaries between modern and contemporary art since its creation.

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Agustín Cárdenas
From Cuba to Cuba, Agustín Cárdenas is probably the only great artist of our time who wanted to be American, European and African at the same time. Welcome in Paris by André Breton and the surrealists, he became a renowned international sculptor, filling his drawings, as well as his wooden, marble and bronze sculptures, with a fascinating vital energy full of humor and poetry.
Courtesy Elena Iannotta Malagodi
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Solano Cárdenas
A Parisian by birth, Solano Cárdenas worked very closely with his sculptor father while cherishing his childhood dreams of flying. his two-tone artistic drones, although fixed on walls, are filled with memory and nostalgia for the air and the wind, ready to take flight at any time.
Courtesy Solano Cardenas
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Joaquín Ferrer
Born in Cuba Joaquín Ferrer landed in Paris in 1960 and never left France. Max Ernst will write the foreword of the first catalog of the artist who never stopped drawing spaces that do not exist. These are lines, plans, shapes, structures, colours, according to the reflection and imagination of the artist who, at 93, endlessly continues his metaphysical and conceptual journey.
© Estate Jesse A. Fernández / Collection F. Mazin Fernández
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Jesse A. Fernández
Cuban painter and photographer of Spanish origin, long resident in the United States and then in France, Jesse A. Fernández, the friend of poets, made his living and gained his fame with his portraits of personalities. A great cosmopolitan and highly educated traveler, he felt at home everywhere. Disappeared prematurely in 1986 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, he leaves behind an astonishing collection of images, drawings, paintings and surrealist boxes of a third dimension.
© Estate Jesse A. Fernández / collection F. Mazin Fernández
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Luis Israel González Sosa
Painter born and living in Cuba Luis Israel González Sosa draws hilltop towns, a subtle blend of imaginary dreams, balancing acts, symbolic delusions. Constantly pushing back the frontiers of reality and time, his amazingly precise pencil makes real a divine life project.
Courtesy Luis Israel González Sosa
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