Sisyphus' laugh

Nebojša Bežanić
janvier 20 2022
mars 19 2022
The manicured human garden of Nebojsa Bežanić is timeless and explores with an abundance of details and symbols anatomy, monuments, curious objects, fairy animals… It is an invitation to understand the human world and soul, like a contemporary Hieronymus Bosch.
The recent and unpublished works on show at the gallery are steeped in the artist’s signature style while embracing modernity with a ruthless, dizzying realism. The deliriously hellish scenes collide violently, and capture, with a lucid and sharp wit, the worst depravities of our times.
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Nebojša Bežanić
Bežanić‘s work has been exhibited solo in Barcelona, Brussels, Čačak, Luxembourg and Paris as well as in group shows in France and abroad. He has been awarded twice the prize Dragan Ćirković in Čačak both in 1985 and 1989. His work is present in private collections such as the Institut culturel Bernard Magrez (Bordeaux), and Edric Van Vredenburgh (London). His work can also part of the permanent collection of the Musée de l’Erotisme in Paris. In 2013 Bežanić was awarded by the Taylor foundation the Claire Combes prize. Bežanić also works on commission for collectors and patrons.
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