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Atelier Masmonteil

Exhibition from September 7th to October 14th 2023

Galerie Orbis Pictus is delighted to present the exhibition Bottega curated by French painter Olivier Masmonteil. Inspired by the great workshop traditions of the Renaissance masters, the painter has been working in collaboration for several years with a team of artists that includes young graduates from the École des Beaux-Arts as well as emerging artists, together in a veritable hive of emulation and creation.

1 – Julie Limont / Live at the studio

2 – Patrick Messina / Live at the studio


Aurélie Benbassat, designer,
Diane Benoît du Rey, painter,
Lara Bloy, painter,
Gladys Bonnet, painter,
Agathe Chebassier, painter,
Charlotte Cuny, painter,
Anasse Drif, painter,
Marguerite Hollemaert, painter,
Yann Lacroix, painter,
Alexandre Lichtblau, painter,
Nicolas Marciano, painter,
Olivier Masmonteil, painter,
Léa Toutain, painter,


Guillaume Bénard-Tertrais, painting restorer, Julie Limont, photographer, Emmanuel Mattazzi, screen printer, et Patrick Messina, photographer.

Bottega pays homage to the 15th-century Italian tradition whereby the master would transmit his ideas, concepts and artistic techniques to the garzoni or discepoli (artists-in-training) and lavoranti (independent artists with a connection to the workshop).

The exhibition highlights the fusion of talent and artistic visions, evoking a contemporary approach to the idea of the Renaissance Bottega. In hand with the artists’ own perspectives, the gallery Orbis pictus will offer a glimpse of the profusion of works created within the atelier, with a selection of paintings, drawings, photographs and furniture specifically created for this back-to-school exhibition. It is a tribute to all the artists, be they at the start of their career or established, who have marked and who continue to remain closely associated with the history of Olivier Masmonteil’s studio – all contributing to the flamboyant revival of French figurative art.

In situ

Bottega, Vues d’exposition, © Richard Müller


Diane Benoît du Rey
Mirage, 2021
55 x 75 cm

Lara Bloy
Les égarés VII, fragment, 2022
Oil on canvas
46 x 45 cm

Gladys Bonnet
La clairière, 2023
Oil on wood
7 x 7 cm

Agathe Chebassier
Triptyque Fantôme et fantasmes, 2023 (detail)
Ink on paper mounted on canvas
89 x 63 cm

Charlotte Cuny
Combine 1, 2021
UV print on wood
33 x 45 cm

Anasse Drif
Jardin, 2022
Oil on canvas
73 x 60 cm

Marguerite Hollemaert
Poule à cornes, 2022
Oil and acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 cm

Yann Lacroix
Flamingo, 2018
Oil on canvas
27 x 35 cm

Alexandre Lichtblau
Maud, 2023
Acrylic and oil on canvas
30 x 30 cm

Nicolas Marciano
Soleil sous globe, 2022
Oil on canvas
22 x 16 cm

Olivier Masmonteil
L’inspiration du poète, 2018
Oil on canvas
180 x 200 cm

Léa Toutain
Aloof II, 2023
Oil on metal
4,5 x 7 cm